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About the project

'Reflexio' is an imaginary space which challenges the perceptual bases of spatial representation. 

Each time installation is adapted for the new location, it changes the shape, as well as lighting design schemes, corresponding to the context and spatial qualities of the particular place. Large scale mirroring floor and specifically for the location preprogrammed dynamic light performance are the tools, that allow to extend the physical space and play with viewer’s perception. Visitors can observe visual transformations from the distance, as well as walk through the mirrored 'upside down' imaginarium. The latter allows viewers to engage with architecture in an unexpected ways, where focus keeps on shifting from singular architectural elements to the space as the whole and vice versa. 


                  Estonian Museum of Architecture

In 2019 'Reflexio' was installed as a part of permanent exhibition 'Explore Space!' at Estonian Museum of Architecture. “Explore Space!” deals with various facets of creating architecture, from the concept to the creation of the actual spatial experience. It is an environment providing sensations for various senses and inviting people to experience architecture with their whole body. 

'Reflexio' is located in the arched cellar of the XIX century Rotermann Salt Storage. The brick vaults of the storage are covered with a permanent crust of salt, which makes the vaults rich in textures–a beautiful feature to reveal by light. 

The play of light on the architectural features, materials and textures reflect upon the large mirroring floor. The pre-programmed lighting performance constantly changes the character: one moment it enhances the architectural composition, the other - deconstructs the symmetry of the vaulted arched space. Specifically designed lighting sequences play upon the viewers perception of space,  as it reveals and dissolves the architectural elements into the darkness. 

Photo credits- Liisi Anvelt, extracts from Piibbe Kolka video.

Lighting automation - Vallo Rähn (lluminationteam).

Photos of salt crystals on bricks - Ruta Palionyte. 

Architectural and Lighting Design - 

Ruta Palionyte and  Grete Veskiväli. 

'Explore Space!' exhibition received 'Estonian Museum Award for Permanent Exhibition 2019'. 



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