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The Daydreamer

Inspired by the wonders of nature and scientific exploration, the Daydreamer offers a unique perspective on observing the phenomena and spectra of light.


During daylight hours, the bended dichroic glass element interacts with the ever-changing sunlight, simultaneously creating coloured light paintings on the surrounding surfaces. This captivating light color effect is achieved through the optical properties of the dichroic coating and the carefully designed shape of the glass.

The term "dichroic," derived from the Greek word "dikhroos," meaning "two-colored," refers to any optical device capable of splitting a beam of light into two beams with different wavelengths. As a result, the colors and gradients of color undergo transformations depending on the position of the light source and the observer's perspective.

Designed by Ruta Palionyte & Ieva Baranauskaite. 

The photos made by the authors in Rhodes island, Greece. June 2021.

The project development is partially supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Danish Arts Foundation. 



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