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To Act or/and To Be?

Visual identity for Vilnius International Film Festival 2021

Each year Vilnius International Film Festival's visual identity is created by the work of an interdisciplinary team. The year of 2021 brought up the question - "To Act or/and To BE?"

The festival takes time in early spring and this year, after the long pandemic winter, we wished to capture the awakening, that slowly brakes through the stillness.

Plants, flowers, seeds, moss, roots, brunches and leaves were frozen into 600 kilos weighting ice sculpture. The collected plants are of varying origins - from Asia, South Africa, Australia to the ancient Lithuanian woods. The diverse distinctive features of the globally collected plants get mixed up as they all freeze together. Light is an essential element in a formation of this work. It gets scattered by ice crystals, reflected and refracted by water droplets, as it reaches and interacts with different parts of plants during the ice melting down process. 

“Plants breaking free from the grip of melting ice most likely evokes the coming of spring. Looking more closely, it could also symbolize the unveiling of a stagnant internal state. Some may think of current topics, the awaited end to restrictions, the threat of climate change, others may be reminded of trips to warm-weather destinations. Art is open to various interpretations and emotions, this multiplicity is what the festival is about,”  says Creative Director of Vilnius film festival Kęstutis Gerliakas.

All of whom created a joint interpretation of the piece:

cinematographer -  Eitvydas Doškus

editor -  Gintarė Sokelytė

composer - Elena Šataitė

ice, flora, light sculpture - Rūta Palionytė

graphic designer - Marek Voida

photographer -  Augis Narmontas

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