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Tallinn, Estonia

‘Reflexio’ meaning in latin:

- a visual representation (of an object, scene, person or abstraction) produced on a surface;
- a fixing of the thoughts of something, careful consideration.

It is an imaginary space, which challenges the perceptual bases of spatial representation. ‘Reflexio’ is both – reflection and the antithesis of reality. The extension of existing settings creates links between the contradictions: object vs. representation, image vs. reflection, matter vs. spirit, city vs. nature, silence vs. sound.  Using the medium of light and sound the characteristics of the space are reflected and revealed to the audience. 

‘REFLEXIO’ site specific installation was created in a frame of ‘Baltic light chain’, an interdisciplinary trans-Baltic collaboration together with artists Krista Dintere and Grete Veskiväli. This project seeks to encourage cooperation between the institutions that organise light art festivals in the Baltic Sea region (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

Lux Matrix light festival, 'Reflexio' at Dominican Monastery, Tallinn, Estonia. Curated by Indrek Leht and Mário Caeiro. 2015.

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