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Daydreamer for apiece

The gallery 'apiece' is dedicated to exhibiting a single work of contemporary visual art and/or conceptual design at a time.

Specially adapted for the “apiece” gallery, the installation  functions as a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing an opportunity to observe the movement of light: during the day – with changing natural light, and in the evening – with the help of artificial lighting.

The object consists of two biomorphic elements made of dichroic glass and quartz sand, closely related materials that represent time. Quartz sand formed over 50 million years ago due to changing weather conditions and erosion of rocks. It is the basis for the manufacture of glass, with its purpose having been gradually gaining relevance since the Roman times and given even more potential in the new age of technology. Modern dichroic glass is the result of NASA’s research in different materials and is now used in the aerospace industry as well as other fields. 

Dichroic glass has special optical properties: it reflects some of the constituent colours of light and is permeable to others. It reveals a fact that we all know but cannot see: white light contains many colours. Thus, a seemingly transparent detail of the work – an element of curved glass – tints the surrounding surfaces with different colours and becomes a brush to create a painting of light.


Inspired by nature and science, the “Daydreamer” pushes the boundaries of our perception on how do we perceive the colour and the form of an object.

For the piece, the architectural qualities of the showcase gallery become a playground, and for the viewer, an opportunity to experience the environment in a new way.

Photos by Norbert Tukaj. 

Curators of the exhibition: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė.

Partly funded by the LATGA Creative Activities Fund, Vilnius City Municipality, Aps Nohrcon.




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